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KÉSZ Csoport (KÉSZ Group) established a strategic partnership with IQ Kecskemét Ipari Kutató Kft (IQ Kecskemét Industrial Research Ltd.) in 2011 with a goal to create an ”innovation workshop” where it is possible to perform research, elaboration and handling of industrial development, both for local entrepreneurs, companies, as well as technical ”creators”, who are interested in this topic. IQ Kecskemét Industrial Innovation Center is an intellectual and innovational workshop (techshop and technological area), that works as a basis for industrial and network research with practical training in higher education, and adapts to the R+D conception of the automotive industry in Kecskemét and the region, as well as the possibilities in this branch of the industry and architecture. With its activity the workshop is able to support innovational processes from the idea to bringing the product to the market. The workflows are supported by one of the most modern machine-parks of Eastern Europe. The target and the direction of the innovational ecosystem – organized by the Corporation, and lead by IQ Kecskemét Industrial Research Ltd. – is the promotion of digital transformation, both in our own, as well as in the circle of the ecosystem participants’, using the tools of Industry 4.0 as much as possible. An organic part of the innovation ecosystem is the workshop operated and continuously developed by IQ Kecskemét Industrial Research Ltd. nearly 100 students are learning and working currently.
The Magyar Innovatív Építőipari Nyílt Klaszter (Hungarian Building Industrial Innovative Open Cluster), known as MIÉNK Klaszter is another cornerstone of the ecosystem. It is a development concept for positioning and strengthening the Hungarian construction companies on the domestic and CEE region markets.
Finally, the IQ Kecskemét Industrial Research Ltd.’s Tech-shop – as the third pillar – is the practicing venue of prototyping and development, which is supported by a 3D laboratory.

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